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Meet Some Faces of Flipt

Arturo, Customer Care Advocate, Flipt Concierge

“I knew I’d learn a lot working at Flipt, but I never expected to learn as much as I have, both professionally and personally. I love being able to help people with such an important part of their lives—their health. What we do isn’t just typical customer service. It’s our top priority to ensure that a customer never has to leave the pharmacy without his or her medications. That’s work that’s incredibly fulfilling.”

Focus of Arturo’s work: To help customers navigate the Flipt App while addressing any questions or issues that they have; to establish the culture and framework for onboarding new employees.

Kimi, Senior Business Analyst, Strategy and Analytics

“I’ve been working with Flipt since the early days, and it’s been gratifying to see it transform from an idea to what it is today. It’s a fast-growing environment with the opportunity to learn from an ambitious, smart leadership team that’s working hard to interrupt an interesting and important industry.”

Focus of Kimi’s work:  To analyze data from the Flipt App to summarize actual savings and user activities for existing client(s); to analyze data from potential clients and partners to identify savings opportunities.

Brett, Full Stack Developer, Product Development

“I appreciate the flexibility to be creative and the responsibility I have to contribute to a range of projects. We are part of an agile environment where all of your work has a real impact on the company. I’m exposed to a variety of aspects of the business, and I get to personally do a lot. There’s a ton of potential.”

Focus of Brett’s work: To build new technology features for Flipt products.